How is learning developed?

Developing the Learning

Our lean game MTa KanDo Lean provides, you, the facilitator with a powerful experiential learning tool.

The cleverly designed activity creates many learning opportunities, while our thought provoking and structured review materials develop this learning and transfer it to the workplace.


MTa Learning experiential learning process


MTa KanDo Lean - The Process

The Learning Arena™ in more detail:

Description Definition

1. Activity or Learning Platform

KanDo Lean components for use in our lean game

Fig 1: Kando Lean components

Activities within KanDo Lean provide experiences upon which participants can reflect and build. These experiences become the platform for learning.


2. The Learning Arena

MTa KanDo Lean participants enter the learning arena


Fig 2: In the Learning Arena

KanDo Lean creates an environment and presents learning opportunities that allow participants to enter the Learning Arena™.

Once in the Learning Arena™ structured questionnaires (in the participant workbooks) and group discussions are used to develop participant learning, and make links back to the workplace.



3. Activity or Learning Platform

KanDo Lean participants review progress during the activity

Fig 3:Testing and implementing learning

The multi-phase approach adopted in KanDo Lean allows provides a platform to implement and test learning as the iterative cycle continues.

A full explanation of the Learning Arena can be found at



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