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MTa KanDo Lean - An Experiential Lean Game. Learn about waste, continuous improvement, flow, 5S and more. Get people excited about lean!

KanDo Lean - lean processing game

KanDo Lean

MTa KanDo Lean is an activity based learning pack which focuses on customer service through Lean Processing. It is designed, so you, as a facilitator can help participants:

  • Understand how lean processing can improve customer satisfaction, business performance and job satisfaction
  • Think through how the principles of lean processing could be introduced into participants place of work


What will participants learn about lean?

You can use our lean game with anyone in the office, factory or supply chain who needs to understand or influence:

  • Customer service
  • Process improvement
  • Continuous flow
  • Balancing workloads
  • Information flow
  • Pull systems
  • Visual control systems (kanbans).

The design of the activity and the participants' workbooks structure the learning through 5 phases. The activity and support materials are designed to take your participants through a structured approach to learning that includes:

  • Activity
  • Review to develop learning
  • Implementation of learning

The key elements raised by each phase are listed under the tabs below. The number of phases completed and their emphasis can be changed to suit the needs of the participants.

AFSO21 Lean Game

Kando Lean being used to introduce lean principles by the US Air Force. Photo from:


MTa Kando Lean is a 5 phase activity. Each phase presents new learning opportunities.




Phase Information

KanDo Lean Phase 1 - Chaos


Example learning points to look for in phase 1:

  • Efficient layouts
  • Understanding product specifications
  • Definition of product quality
  • Dealing with surplus materials

An example question from the phase 1 review sheet:

  • Would it have helped if you had discussed business or order processing issues with the customer? If so, what would you want to achieve from these discussions?
 Participants at Britvic take on Phase 1 of MTa KanDo Lean

Our lean game in action at Britvic

KanDo Lean Phase 2 - Batch


Example learning points to look for in phase 2:

  • Communicating with the customer
  • Effective location and storage of components
  • Problems with batch production and high WIP
  • Internal communications
  • Understanding priorities

An example question from the phase 2 review sheet:

  • There is likely to have been a lot of waste during phase 2. What was wasted or caused the waste?
5S Game

KanDo Lean at the University of Kent

KanDo Lean Phase 3 - Pull


Example learning points to look for in phase 3:

  • Process design for market requirements
  • Use of visual displays and pull systems
  • Benefits of shorter lead times
  • Overall capacity planning
  • Work distribution and balance

An example question from the phase 3 review sheet:

  • Compare the work load in different areas. How well was it balanced? Were there any bottle necks or slack?
KanDo Game

United Biscuits review phase 3

KanDo Lean Phase 4 - Flow


Example learning points to look for in phase 4:

  • Coping with variable customer demand
  • Alternative forms of Kanbans
  • One-piece flow and appropriate documentation systems
  • Teamwork and flexibility
  • Clear definition of responsibilities

An example question from the phase 4 review sheet:

  • If your customer demand quadrupled what are the advantages and disadvantages of: adding more people to existing work stations (and sub-dividing the work) or having several work stations working in parallel?
Push Pull Training

Participants on an MTa demonstration workshop

KanDo Lean Phase 5 - Supply Chain


Example learning points to look for in phase 5:

  • Customer/supplier relationships
  • Dealing with remote businesses
  • Avoiding component shortages
  • Simplifying the supply of components
  • Supply chain information flow and constraints

An example question from the phase 5 review sheet:

How do you think the following could benefit by the effective implementation of the principles introduced in through KanDo lean:

  • Customers
  • Companies
  • Workers
  • Suppliers
Supply Chain Games

QCIT @ RAF Waddington prepare for phase 5

All phases of KanDo Lean encourage participants to think for themselves and challenge existing ideas, approaches and behaviours. KanDo Lean ends with a final questionnaire and discussion to consolidate this learning and encourage links to be made in the workplace:

  • It helps participants think through how the principles behind lean processing can be used
  • It focuses attention on participants place of work to see where and how lean processing might be able to help.

An example question from the learning transfer:

  • Remembering your learning today, if you were able to design your work from scratch what are the most important points that you should keep in mind?


Technical Specification

MTa KanDo Lean is supplied in a sturdy holdall complete with:

  • a comprehensive facilitator' guide which includes full facilitator instructions, product information sheets and customer satisfaction sheets
  • 16 individual workbooks that are both reference documents and personal records of participants' learning
  • 3 boxes of over 300 durable plastic components for use as factory materials
  • kanban squares and sales order cards
  • the components are re-useable

The MTa® guarantee:

  • All MTa Kando Lean components are guaranteed for 7 years


  • MTa Kando Lean is manufactured in Europe, to European quality standards
  • Manufactured from durable polypropylene


Client Reviews

Rhc Compleat

Client: Nick Hursthouse, A F Blakemore & Son Ltd

...simple to facilitate and effective to debrief...

Well written briefs make the exercises simple to facilitate and effective to debrief as well as leaving delegates facing tasks which challenge them to depths that they had not expected.

  • Did the materials deliver on your learning outcomes? Yes Rhc Compleat
  • Value for money? Yes Rhc Compleat
  • Would you recommend? Yes Rhc Compleat
Rhc Compleat

Client: Steve Carleysmith, Reo Process Improvement Ltd is always well received...

I use the MTa KanDo Lean in most of my lean training courses, and it is always well-received and found useful by participants. I can't remember a single negative comment (once the full session is over - but some people get very frustrated in the first two phases!) As most course participants are from transactional and service industries, it's important to make the analogy between the KanDo physical assembly exercise and office-based knowledge processing. This has worked well.

  • Did the materials deliver on your learning outcomes? Yes Rhc Compleat
  • Value for money? Yes Rhc Compleat
  • Would you recommend? Yes Rhc Compleat
Rhc Compleat

Client: Arthur Pemberton, Training consultant - Muller Uk Ltd

...Shows the advantages of visual systems

Shows the advantages of visual systems and continuous improvement

Rhc Compleat

Client: Wendy Garner, Senior Lecturer - School of Engineering


An excellent , stimulating and fun environment in which to learn

Rhc Compleat

Client: Paul Clews, The Belle Group

...allowed us to implement Lean smoothly

The most successful programme we have achieved with the Kando lean package is the implementation of lean manufacturing within our Polish plant where lean manufacturing is not widely used. Kando Lean has definitely helped us to change the culture and way of thinking with regard to manufacturing and has allowed us to implement Lean smoothly and most importantly has gave us employee 'buy in'


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Lean processing exercise

MTa KanDo Lean

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  • 16 x Participant workbooks
  • Comprehensive facilitator guide
  • Kanban Squares
  • Stop Watch
  • Product Order Card

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